KoolMax Technology

KoolMax technology by Global Syn-Turf is a cutting-edge innovation designed to address one of the most common challenges of artificial turf: heat retention. Traditional synthetic grass can absorb a significant amount of heat from the sun, leading to surface temperatures that are much higher than the surrounding air. KoolMax technology combats this issue by incorporating heat-reflective properties into the turf blades, which effectively reduce the surface temperature, making the turf cooler and more comfortable to the touch.

The technology works by integrating special infrared reflective pigments into the fibers of the grass. These pigments reflect sunlight and dissipate heat more efficiently than traditional materials. As a result, turf equipped with KoolMax technology can be up to 15 degrees cooler than standard artificial grass, providing a more pleasant and safer surface during the hot summer months. This feature is particularly advantageous for outdoor living spaces, playgrounds, pet areas, and sports fields, where comfort and safety are paramount.

Beyond enhancing user comfort, KoolMax technology also extends the lifespan of the artificial grass. By reducing thermal degradation, the turf maintains its color, texture, and structural integrity for longer periods, even under intense solar exposure. This makes KoolMax an excellent investment for those looking to install durable, high-quality synthetic turf that stays cooler and looks great year after year. KoolMax technology ensures that your artificial lawn remains a practical, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable landscaping solution.