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Fake Grass Ban in Sacramento No Longer Enforced

Sacramento City Council Member Steven says that he's actively trying to get fake turf legalized for front yards too. Back then, but now it's virtually indistinguishable from real grass, it looked tacky. However, given the ongoing drought situation, it's not being actively enforced, district 4 Director Consuelo Hernandez has stated that "Currently artificial turf is prohibited by ordinance. Why is fake turf all the same illegal in certain California cities? In Sacramento for instance fake turf is prohibited in front lawns and has been so since 1984 when fake grass hadn't progressed to the point it has now. Residents are not required to have live turf in their front yard under city code, trees, plants, half live vegetation such as shrubs and but if they want to deviate they can put in half concrete or rock or paver-type materials. But now Sacramento's ban is no longer enforced Sacramento. If they install synthetic turf in the front yard, , which at this point there have only been a few homes doing this the last couple years, again, code is not being enforced" Further. But by popular opinion as well, just one more indication that fake turf will soon be accepted not only by city officials. It even has the brown thatching underneath the fibers.

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