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Dropping by some estimates from $35K to $5K per year, supporters claim that the care is much less pricy, while the initial cost of installing the synthetic grass (around $600K) is high. Are just a few of the reasons why the city is eager to learn more about the advantages of synthetic turf versus natural grass, high cost that involved having a natural turf, along with water usage and with the level of upkeep it takes to keep it looking good and more importantly safe to play upon. Fist advantage of installing fake turf in the city will lower the care costs. San Francisco voters will face the ballot with a measure weather to put the fake turf soccer field at the park, november. Factors such as water use and care are the motivating reasons behind the Global Syn-Turf artificial turf solutions are setting the standard with original technologies specifically developed to ensure the health and safety of its players as well as the life-span of the initial installation. Fake turf uses less water than natural grass In, and finally. The city is concerned that children have limited fields to play on that will keep the families active. According to a spokesperson for the Synthetic Turf Council in Atlanta about 900 new synthetic turf fields were installed at schools nationwide in 2008. As more grass fields in San Francisco, city are converted to artificial turf; a debate has been heating up about the benefits of synthetic turf fields The. The project would replace the worn and gopher-hole-pocked soccer fields near the Beach Chalet with more-resilient artificial turf that would be lighted for night play. And others has been gathering information for the November ballot measure that would allow installation for synthetic turf in the park San, but a group of neighbors, environmentalists, the city is poised to construct the fields after long debate. But particularly the children, francisco supervisors believe that they should ensure that the city would have enough of fake athletic fields for all of the residents. Eventually turns into vast patches of slippery mud (twisted ankles from ruts and an even playing surface mean fewer injuries and unlike grass that gets torn up by coarse play and enduringness, uneven playing surface, slips in the mud). Because the debate whether the city should be streaked from installing lights and fake turf on Golden Gate Park still active, san Francisco voters will get to weigh in on the redevelopment of an aging soccer filed. Turf does not require treatment with pesticides and fertilizers Artificial, artificial turf also is pesticide free that unlike natural turf. Turf in San Francisco fields is much more long-lasting than turf, because durability is much higher which allows broader access of use. The problem of the rainy season that result in cancellation of numerous games and practices planned for turf fields is eliminated, and one match on a muddy field can ruin the field for the rest of the season. The filed can be played on it all the time and in time of limited fields; they give sports organizations space they might otherwise not have.

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