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Artificial Turf Fields to be Built in Petaluma, CA

The effects of crumb rubber, and increased risk of physical injuries to players One, heat conduction, parents have expressed their concerns nevertheless concerning risk of bacterial infections. parent says that her son suffered a staph infection after scraping his elbow at a summer sports camp in Berkeley last summer. Taller cleats are more hazardous than smaller cleats Officials. Synthetic turf fields are on their way to Petaluma, cA. Rather, what increases the risks is cleat size. fake turf fields will also be installed later at two high schools who are following suit. are currently researching alternatives to crumb rubber. Three synthetic turf fields are scheduled to be installed at a Petaluma park. official say that the increased playing time and lack of care issues they'll face with the artificial turf outweighs any of the negative risks. Some prospective alternatives are coconut and organic cork Finally,. Experts say that there is nothing inherently risky about artificial turf itself, increased risk of physical injury. They say that bacterial infections are much more likely to occur from exposure to bacteria in locker rooms Regarding. Experts say nonetheless that there is no elevated risk of bacterial infections as long as the fake turf sports field is bleached and cleaned properly regularly.

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